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If you move into a new build property then you should find a bunch of cables in the loft space and hopefully a plug next door to the bunch of cables so that you can install an amplifier like this one in this picture.

For this installation we fitted a 4 way amplifier and a 4 way splitter to keep the costs down so that we did not need to fit a 8 way amplifier which would of cost a lot more.

For an installation like this it would take about 90 minutes and would cost no more than £80

If you wanted a bit more than your average digital installation then you could go for a bit of everything and have a satellite dish installed so you'll have the choice of Sky/sky plus/freesat and then you can also have an aerial installed so you can receive digital and a FM Aerial to receive all those free Radio stations.

For a full installation like this it would cost £220 for parts this would include

  • Satellite dish 64 cm including quad LNB
  • Vision 48 element high gain aerial
  • FM aerial Omni
  • Diplexer VHF/UHF
  • 18" t&k bracket including U-bolts
  • 10 ft alum pole

This price does not include Cable or Labour.

For a installation like this we had to install a k&k bracket instead of a t&k bracket to give it a much stronger fixing to withstand any strong winds which may occur.

The cost of an installation like this one at a factory in Poole where they wanted 2 coax cable runs, one to there reception & one to the canteen cost them about £320 this included:

  • Vision 48 element high gain aerial
  • 12 ft alum pole
  • Vision 4 way mast head amplifier kit
  • 18" K&K bracket
  • 60m Type A coax cable (CT100)
  • 6 hrs Labour

The equipment used for this job is a 60cm mk4 Satellite Dish which comes with bracket and quad LNB which can be used for 4 separate Sky boxes or 2 Sky plus boxes or maybe 1 Sky plus with 2 magic eyes which could be used for either Sky or Freesat.

For the equipment and installation it would cost £85 and would take a couple of hours to install.

This installation was in a poor signal area so it was mounted high up on an 8ft pole with a Super -Periodic aerial being installed. This allows for horizontal and vertical polorisaion.

This aerial was installed on 2 x 18 inch K brackets for extra support during high winds.

Here is a recent installation of an aerial upgrade in Lulworth Cove.

If you are in a really really bad area for digital signal like and you cannot receive any digital signal then you will need to install a very high gain Digital Aerial and change the polarity from vertical to horizontal. This way you will get both bands of signal.

The stock needed for this type of install is a 13" chimney bracket with lashing kit, 6ft Steel Pole a high gain Digital Aerial and a 6 way Mast Head Amplifier kit to do a install like this including 6 cable runs, providing 6 aerial points in the cottage as well as labour, would cost £320 and would take 2 days to install.

This aerial installation was done in Wareham it took about 3 hrs to install.

The equipment used was a 12" C bracket, a 6 ft steel pole and a Super Periodic aerial to get the customer full signal.

We also installed a 4 way mast head amplifier kit to get strong signal through all 4 outlets.

An install like this would typically cost around £130 inc VAT.